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The sadness of Cristiano Ronaldo

The sadness of Cristiano Ronaldo should end in the next few days. All because the Portuguese international will meet this week with José Mourinho and Florentino Pérez.

After concentration in the national team, will meet with the direction madridista Portuguese international. The Spanish press ensures that the parties will talk this Wednesday.

Despite Cristiano have argued that his grief was not related to economic issues, everything indicates that in the table of negotiations is the renewal of the bond of the Portuguese playmaker.

In addition, the latest news report some Portuguese player dissatisfaction by the lack of defense that Real Madrid is in relation to you and your soccer, something different from the procedure of Barcelona for Messi, something that puts you in a situation more difficult to fight for the prize of best player in the world.

It is for the reason that is, what is certain is that the Mou and Pérez will meet with Portuguese international with the goal to resolve everything before the next team games – Saturday with Seville, in Andalusia, and with Manchester City next week, at the start of the Champions League.

The Catalan daily Mundo Deportivo offers, this Sunday, its readers new data about the sadness of Ronaldo. This newspaper that the cause of sadness of the Portuguese playmaker is, after all, José Mourinho.

Second if you can read, CR7 disliked the tactical scheme of the meringues in the second leg of the Super Cup this year, against Barcelona.

«Did you know that you had escaped an extraordinary opportunity to make up ground in the fight for the ball of gold ', writes the Mundo Deportivo, citing a source that assumes also that there had been a meeting between Ronaldo and Florentino Pérez.

At this meeting, the Portuguese Captain expressed his sadness.

«President, I am not satisfied and so do not want to continue», said Ronaldo.

The same newspaper account other episodes where the two Portuguese «quarrelled»: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, the first leg of the semi-finals of the Champions on April 27, 2011; game with Zaragoza.

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