sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Barcelona Loses Against PSG!

We knew that Barcelona does not contest forms, but you forgot the most important thing in the Parc des Princes. The Fund is the Fund and Barcelona went from that in Paris, where tied a game in which he could punch and that was won with one so striking as its orange and yellow Kit 0-2.

The result does not matter because we are talking about a friendly, but that of letting go is not the first time that happens. Avoid this one day more, when almost everything is reduced to the marker, is a challenge for Tito. Barcelona was so superior that it was in the French capital, and was lost with the ornaments. It is the risk of staying only with the preliminaries.

PSG wants to be like the Barcelona; but, for the moment, it is not for that. It is true that Barca did not win you, but was a mirage. Ancelotti was brave with Pastore, Lavezzi, Nene and Ibra, but neither they nor their colleagues smelled it. Barcelona was the only Prince who toured by the Parisian Green Park.

Tito mixed with Alves, Messi, Puyol or Busquets and homegrown Planas, Sergi Roberto and Rafinha. The names are least when philosophy is above everything. Barcelona did not lose his personality and very soon marked. Did Rafinha, the good of the family for Mr Alcantara. Alex swallowed it and the boy thanked him.

PSG went to the locker room without times and chasing the ball as if outside a Hare or Leo. The same, Messi, pardoned a pair of goals in two moves that ended Yes Barcelona, devoted to touch the ball and escondér it to the French. That it happened.

Changes that confuse
Pinto, Bartra, Montoya (played left-handed side) and Dos Santos entered after the break and a few minutes embraced Leo, author of the 0-2, penalty. Alexis cheated the referee and Messi did the same with Sirigu.

Everything seemed to be seen for sentence, but PSG was growing while Barcelona were closing their eyes. There were many more changes, Ibra shortened distances from eleven meters and camera tied in the 82' at the exit of a corner.

Barcelona had all very nice, but stayed as the PSG candidate to compete with the best. Not always have the favor that made him the boat, which then won the trophy in the penalty shootout. It is the least. In summer, football is less football. Calculators are not used.

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