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Real Madrid wants Modric

Hermeticism, patience and calm. These are the three ingredients of the recipe that Real Madrid has been implemented in Modric operation since the beginning of the first talks with the player and his current club, Tottenham. As it is normal in such cases, it took less convincing to the footballer, among other reasons because its total readiness to play in Real Madrid.

With the English club dialogue has gone through all kinds of situations. From being very close positions - two million euros up-down - to move away significantly, even too much, but at no time have come to shatter. A good sign for the white Executive with many masters in its curriculum in negotiation techniques.

Expected happy ending
The current situation, not by repeating over and over again, no longer news and it is normal that Modric finished signing contract by Real Madrid. When? That's where the white club drive times. If you've waited so far without get nervous, is willing to stand firm on its offer - 30 more variable fixed million - until the 31st of August, date in which ended the summer market.

The time, oddly enough, plays in his favor. Or para to be more exact, against Tottenham, which no longer has more offers by the footballer and is aware that recover you to the cause at this stage and after everything that happened between them, it is virtually impossible. At the same time you are required to sign a replacement.

Mou, of course, would have the player soon and more knowing that your physical condition does not correspond to the level that you currently have your template, but as manager general which is defending the interests of his club. It is the main defender of Modric, but not at any price.

What does seem increasingly clear is that the Real Madrid transfer market begins and ends in the Croatian. Or him, or anyone. Y Su arrival would take the output of a midfielder paired: Sahin, Lass, or barn.

The leading candidate to leave is Turkish, that can to play their last minutes as white player at this stage against Milan. The assignment seems imminent and Arsenal continues to be the most interested, especially if the Song goes into the boat, as it seems.

The right side, hanging
While the intentions and the approaches in the Bernabeu are the exposed, cannot be excluded that there could be surprises in the last days of the market. It is postreras 48-72 hours when more parts move and again this year in which the market has been so stopped... except for the PSG.

The position of right side still still be bent and Kaka there may be some movement, which is not expected today.

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